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Community Cultural Tours

Miami and South Florida are some of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. Golden sandy beaches, Art Deco architecture, glitzy hotels and top rates restaurants.  Even locals love the nonstop action.


At Community Cultural Tours we celebrate our diversity and rich history.

  • We discover communities’ heart and soul through its’ stories. 

  • We follow in the footsteps of Black and Caribbean leaders. 

  • We learn about the rise of international artists who call Miami home.

  • We experience history of Florida's agriculture, Organic farming and Wineries.

  • We explore and get inspired by unique learning adventures.


Our mission is to educate and connect through travel and personal experiences.


About Us

My name is Amit Ariel and I am the owner and manager of Community Cultural Tours. 


Growing up in the tourism and hospitality industry, tourism had me at “Hello”. As a teen, I was introduced to diversity, ethnic groups and different cultures, as I accompanied my parents on business trips throughout North America. 


With a certificate of Tour Manager and Guide from IGA in Colorado, I went on to work with large International tour companies such as Road Scholar and Gate 1, and lead tours around the world.


Community Cultural Tours was created as a platform to educate people through travel experience with emphasis on native cultures, performances, local history, and culinary flavors.  Exploring our neighborhoods and communities broadens our minds and opens our hearts.  


Weather it’s enjoying a Native American cultural performance, tasting fruits and wines we never heard of or sitting in the same hotel room that Martin Luther King Jr. sat when he wrote his “I have a dream” speech, South Florida and Miami are filled with unexpected surprises. 

Join me on my next adventure and let you heart open to all the beauty around us.


Each of us is a student and everyone else in the world is our teacher

/ The Dalai Lama

Our Tours

We cater to small groups ensuring a more personal experience.  

We share not only history but also local hidden gems that will make you want to keep exploring this multicultural mosaic on your own.

Customized programs for large groups are available upon request!

Due to Covid-19, all tours are currently suspended.

Black and

Caribbean Heritage

Native American


Organic Farming

and Wine Tasting


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